From the Sweet 16 to Amen Corner

Spring is in the air and two of my favorite sporting events make this a great time to come out of hibernation – the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship and golf’s The Master’s Tournament.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, being a “cord-cutter,” combined with a busy weekend schedule with the family makes watching these events a challenge. Fortunately, both of these events provide an app to keep me up to date and even let me watch live!

I’m not alone, according to one study,  32% of sports fans reported an interest in using their mobile devices to stream live sports.   These apps provide behind the scenes content, highlights, real time scoring, and engaging features – like the ability to keep up with my NCAA bracket or customize a leader board based on my favorite players.

If done right, sports fans who can’t attend the events live can still feel the rush, socialize with their fan networks, and share facts, stats and trivia through these mobile experiences.  For marketers, the apps provide an emerging tactic to engage with this captivated “second screen” audience – both at the event and away.  Brands can partner with sporting event properties to gain access to valuable fan data, create engaging content, and interact in real time.

Now back to my ever dwindling bracket…what happened to my Mountaineers.




2 thoughts on “From the Sweet 16 to Amen Corner

  1. I am one who also enjoys live streaming sports on my mobile device. I even upgraded my data plan to be bale to do so. The trivia and being able to track live stats is what gets me as when you’re watching the televised game you won’t readily have that information available unless you go to your mobile device. The app is so engaging and a great way to be able to multitask from watching and tracking game info.


  2. Live sports on the go has certainly provided a means of relief for fathers, sons, husbands and really, any sports lover, when other obligations prevent them from being present at a game or comfortably enjoying the event from their home or favorite sports bar.

    Just this weekend, I was on vacation with my fiancé, and we literally decided to skip the 2+ hour drive to the Grand Canyon in favor of watching March Madness at a local bar. Sadly, our team did not make it into the second round, leaving the lingering question of whether we made the right choice to forgo a more active adventure.

    I found a article on Sports Fans and “the second screen”. “Reportedly, 77% of us now watch TV with a laptop, phone or tablet nearby. Collective moments such as big televised sporting events are prime second screen territory, and our research shows that events such as the Oscars attract a similar level of engagement.”

    Does it surprise you that sporting events attract just as much engagement as the Oscars or would you think it would attract even more?


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