IoT seems like more work

I’ve been reading through a review of newly released products deemed to have taken IoT to the “next level” and come to a conclusion.  Smart is not always simple.  I’ve yet to be driving home from work and thought, “I sure do wish I could turn my ceiling fans on to cool the room down before I arrive.”   This just seems to promote even more distracted, unsafe driving.  But in the words of Hunter’s Chief Marketing Officer, John Neilson, “We’ve just scratched the surface of their potential.”

Along the way to design connected, smart products to demonstrate innovation, brands will inevitably create some additional friction in the customer experience.  This is where the brands with anticipatory UX design will win.  Brands who understand how to harness the real time data, dig deep into the context of both industrial and consumer use cases, and help reduce decisions, not increase them, will win the race.

The value of IoT is in the promise of hopefully reducing my decision fatigue.  In the meantime, I’ll keep a keen eye out for products that over promise on the notion of simplicity.  Have you found an IoT product that delivers a new frictionless experience for you?


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