Polling Your Way to Greatness

Back in October, Twitter made polls available to everyone, opening up a new opportunity for further engagement.  Even Twitter gets in on the action to gauge their audience’s interest in a topic.  Twitter polls provide an opportunity to discover more about your target audience.


The polls can also be used to discover which content to invest further resources.  By asking questions related to content topics, a blogger can understand which topics will resonate and garner further engagement.  You will also note how the poll above is combined with a #hashtag,  connecting the poll to a broader topic of interest.  Brands should be sure to leverage polls as part of existing content and even trending topics.

This is also an inexpensive way to gauge interest in product or service offerings. Here is an example of a company conducting price sensitivity analysis using polls.

While the sample size may not be statistically large enough and it would not be considered a random population, the information can be helpful to validate certain decisions or guide strategic direction.

Most importantly, fans love to feel like they are part of their brand.  Twitter polls are an easy way for brands to invite fans to become part of the story and influence the future.


2 thoughts on “Polling Your Way to Greatness

  1. Great post. I like the poll example regarding April Fool’s Day. I am with the 46% that voted for “Ready for April 2nd.” From a marketing perspective, this type of polling can add little insight unless it is targeted to a very specific market. Unfortunately when using the web, your market because broader and will include individuals not on your radar. Do you think when polling in this manner online, that marketers are able to glean information from a new market in assisting with the development process of new products or services? I agree this can help with gauging product interest to a certain extent.


  2. Admittedly, outside of work I am not one for Twitter, and let my co-workers deal with the twitter accounts as much as possible, so I had no clue that Twitter now allowed for real time polls. When I was working in college athletics the fact that we could not easily conduct polls through Twitter was always an issue since that is where our best engagement was. When I went and read more about Twitter polls and how they worked, there were a few things that I really liked, that other polls do not seem to have:
    1) Twitter polls can have a duration between 5 minutes and 7 days
    2) Followers can see who they have voted for, and what option is in the lead
    3) Followers cannot vote more than one time
    4) Polls are completely confidential (no one, not even the creator, can see who has voted or how)
    5) The poll displays how much time is left to vote

    Twitter Support. (2016). Twitter Polls. Retrieved from https://support.twitter.com/articles/20174524


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