Reddit launches a new app

In the news this week is Reddit announcing the launch their IOS and Android App.  While users have been able to access their Reddit content through 3rd party apps, a branded app signals a new chapter in Reddit’s life.   As of Friday, the app was #1 in the App store.


By the numbers, Reddit has a formidable community – 36M user accounts, 231M unique visitors, and 11,464 communities engaged across 217 countries.  “This is the beginning of our journey with you, our app users. For everyone joining us on this ride, you can expect a lot of updates and new features that we’ll be rolling out to mobile first,” says Alex Le, the VP of Consumer Product at Reddit.


And there you have it, “mobile first.”  Brands will need to stay ahead of the game in consumer behavior on mobile.  Take a look at how mobile app usage has grown – 90% since 2013, leading all platforms.  From second screen viewing to voice search, marketers must consider their strategies to consider the mobile audience.

You can’t help but wonder if Reddit is looking for ways to drive revenues through mobile advertising, especially given the shift of advertising spend to mobile platforms.  “The company plans on maintaining advertising on its mobile apps for free users, but in a way consistent with its philosophy on keeping it out of the way when possible.”

Big announcement for a big community, reflecting the unavoidable influence mobile usage is having on the media landscape.  Do you think it is too late for Reddit?


3 thoughts on “Reddit launches a new app

  1. I think this is an awesome thing to now access Reddit on your mobile device. This is definitely a value add for the current audience and could potentially bring in more readership because of the convenience. I think advertisements are part of the world we are living in and the idea that Reddit is going to do its best to keep the ads to the side as much as possible is another value add for the customer.


  2. Apps provide a new and exciting opportunities for advertisers to communicate with consumers, and many marketers can benefit from it. Mobile apps can do things websites can’t, like push notifications and offline access. Apps are faster and easier to operate so I can definitely understand why Reddit decided to produce one. It’s never too late to implement an app. Users who have tried Reddit and didn’t value it may give it another shot and for those who haven’t tried it might now because of the app.

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